Beaver Stripes Vinyl Stripes

Beaver Stripes went with Universal Products for a few reasons, but we stay with them for may more. Besides their history, along with ours, their quality has been maintained and improved over the years. Giving the professional Installer, along with the “weekend car buff” the confidence they are installing a great product. We could go into details about the different qualities of vinyl striping available, but we will leave that to the manufactures.

“Our premium grade TFX Professional Striping system was developed exclusively for use in the automotive market. A special adhesive was developed specifically to make it possible to reposition the tape without breaking it or leaving an adhesive residue. It immediately gained popularity and recognition among professional restylers, and now stands alone in the marketplace as the benchmark for all other brands. A full color spectrum is available in both opaques and metallics.” Courtesy of Universal Products.

We do offer 3M, and others, but our most popular has got to be the Universal TFX tape. We also carry Truck and Van specialty tape, made to match the popular pick-ups and vans of the 70’s through the 90’s. If you need to match a stripe kit, contact us, there is good chance of us finding you, or creating a match!

Vinyl Pinstripe Tape

Solid Stripe Rolls

Single color stripes are also available in solid stripes, ranging from 1/4″ to 15″, in stock. 24, 36 and 48″ material is available special order. The stripes 1/4″ to 1″ are offered in 150′ Rolls, while the 2″, 4″ and 6″ are available in 50′ and 150′ Rolls. 15″, 24″ and 30″ rolls are available in 10YD and 50YD Rolls.

Universal Products has one of the largest and most complete lines of pinstriping, solids, and roll goods in the industry. Utilizing state-of-the-art rotary-die-cut machines in order to produce pinstripe and roll stock products to exact specifications. All Universal striping is packaged in a unique “dispenser” box that allows you to work with the stripe without taking it out of the package.

All pinstripe and roll stock has Universal’s exclusive TFX Plus adhesive. This adhesive was developed for Universal by Avery Dennison and is the perfect solution for most applications. This adhesive was designed to offer the legendary repositional characteristics of TFX, with much better cold weather adhesion.

Below you will find the stock sizes of vinyl pinstripes. Beaver Stripes stocks the 150′ Rolls of the vinyl pinstripe. Please refer to the color chart link below, or for best results request an actual color chart to be sent to you. Color Chart 2019, Striping_Availability

Two Color Pinstripe Rolls

Beaver Stripes and Universal Products offer some color combinations for two color vinyl striping. For the most current options available,  please visit our online catalog. Available in the 3/16, 4/16 and 8/16 size configurations. Ultralite Colors, Duo-Tone Colors, Half Inch Two Tone Colors

Vinyl Stripe Installation

Beaver Stripes has a Team of Experienced and Very Picky Installers available to install your graphics and Pinstripes. We take the time to work with you, getting your idea of what effect you are trying to achieve, along with offering our opinions and suggestions to be sure that you will be satisfied. You are more than welcome to attempt installation, however if you have never tried it before we do not recommend it. Also keep in mind that if you damage the product trying to install, you are responsible for it. However if something happens when we are installing it, we replace it. 

The biggest issue we have encountered, even though we tell every customer, is that the rolls of stripe, pinstripes and solid rolls have a clear pre-mask layer. If this layer is not removed after installing the vinyl tape, it will turn white and chalky with in a week or so. This is layer designed to keep the vinyl from stretching and distorting while installing. Though it will only keep the vinyl stripes from stretching to certain point, do not pull the tape more than necessary.  

Two Tone Truck Stripes

Truck Specific Stripes, these are found mostly on two tone painted trucks from the 70’s thru the 90’s, along with some newer models. There was a time a couple of companies were making these accent stripes, but as with many small companies in the US, they went by the way side. Now it is up to the shop or restorer to recreate the stripes with at least 2 sets of vinyl to create these stripes.

Two Tone Truck Stripe