Beaver Stripes Painted Pin Stripes

Beaver Stripes does not actually do painted striping, but we supply the tools and products needed to do painted striping. We do work with some local artist that will work with you for your painted striping needs. They will be listed below for you to contact them.

Mack Brushes

The Original Mack Sword Striping Brush (10) A Brush Designed Just For Pinstripers! 100% Unmixed Blue Squirrel Hair Handcrafted and shaped as it was many years ago Extra attention given To quality control with respect to shape and cleaning The very finest grade of blue squirrel
Blue thread ferrule

Series 13 Hanson/Mack “King 13” Pinstriping Brush. Andrew Mack & Son Brush Company has teamed up with Todd Hanson to create a brush called the “King 13” which is offered in sizes 00000, 000, 00, and 0. We use a 60mm Chinese blue squirrel hair for the 00000 and 000 giving the brush a total length of 1 3/4″. We use a 64mm hair for the 00 and 0 which gives the brush a total length of 2″. The brush has more pull in the making process giving it a little more taper than a traditional striper. The amount of hair that is distributed onto the handle during the making process is configured differently than our series #10 or #20 brushes.

Long Bob Pinstriping and Scrolling Brush (LB). This brush offering, is a modification of the Bobbo Super Quad. We are using the same mixture of hair that is offered in the Bobbo, which is a black synthetic and blue squirrel blend, but with extended hair lengths of 1 3/4″ to 2″. We have had great success with the Bobbo brush, and have had requests for a longer hair length version. With the mixture of hair that is used, this provides medium versatility for enamels as well as urethanes without compromising performance. 

The Virus II (444VII). The Virus II is made of a soft golden synthetic hair. Designed by “Dave the Letterman” to appease the small crowd of painters who thought the original virus was a touch too stiff. So we decided to make the brush with the same specifications as the original but with a golden synthetic hair that is a little softer. This brush will still be used for the same applications of scroll and script work.

1-Shot Lettering Enamel Paint

1-Shot Lettering Enamels Designed for traditional sign painting, these oil based lettering enamels provide superior vibrancy, flexibility, durability, and single stroke coverage. Specified for fine, sign paint lettering on store fronts and vehicles, the vibrant colors of 1 Shot Lettering Enamels spread evenly and offer outstanding hiding, durability and fade resistance. Superior flow characteristics assure the virtual absence of brush marks and provide a clean, sharp edge. Ideal for use on interior or exterior metal, glass, wood, and enamel receptive banners and vinyl.

• Oil-based, high-gloss lettering enamels
• Superior vibrancy, hiding, durability and single-stroke coverage
• Excellent flow characteristics provide a clean, sharp look

Beaver Stripes stocks most of the colors on the chart. We stock the 4OZ cans. Click to download color card. 1-Shot lettering-colorcard

3M Fine Line Tape

Beaver Stripes also stocks the 3M Fine Line Tape for custom painting and masking. We carry the 1/8″ and 1/4″ rolls

Finesse Striping Stencils

Automotive Paint Pinstriping Stencil Tape Products from Finesse Striping. Beaver Stripes stocks the striping stencil tape rolls, 160FT rolls only. Serving our customers for 40 years! FINESSE has thrived through the years because of the quality and effectiveness of our paint pinstriping kits.

The Striper Series. Our tape works as a stencil: you simply apply the stencil…paint over it…and peel it off. It leaves the cleanest, sharpest line on your vehicle. Nothing even comes close. No fuzzy edges and no edge build-up because the stencil material is so thin. It is also versatile; you can make bends, points, corners and do two-tone paint pinstriping with it.

Step One; Applying the Stencil Tape

Step Two; Painting over Stencil Tape

Step Three; Peeling off Stencil Tape

FS-500 Professional Paint Pinstriping Kit includes the following;

Six different 42 foot rolls of The Striper ® stencil tape (F-4, F-6, F-16, F-21, F-25) to match the most common pinstriping sizes.
Five 4 oz. cans of Finesse Pinstriping Paint. The most popular colors out of our 21 (White, Imitation Gold, Red, Navy Blue, Black). They are high gloss enamel paints which are intermixable for color matching.
High quality camel hair pinstriping brush.
Brush oil to keep brush soft and workable.
Complete instructions, including how to make bends, points, corners and two-tone pinstriping.
Size chart to help you match the size you need.

For a Printable Size chart click here. Finesse_sizing