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Welcome to Beaver Stripes & Molding Supply. We are a local (Arizona) Supplier of Automotive Graphics, Moldings and Custom Accessories. We have been here for more than 30 years in the valley of the sun and plan to be around for many years to come. We have Expanded our Line of Products & Services to fit the Needs of Your Business, small or large and the Trends of the Automotive Enthusiasts. Contact us with any of your Graphics Needs and or Ideas.

Many new items for the new 2014 Model Year Vehicles, Chrome Accessories, Custom Graphics and More! Look for Beaver Stripes to offer many accessories and upgrades thru more dealerships in 2014. Ask for the upgrades when your at the dealership, then suggest Beaver Stripes to upgrade your new vehicle. Or just bring it into our shop.

New Vehicle Appearance Products;

_Chrome line-molding_header

The Dealer isn't offering Body Side Molding? We Are!  Factory Paint to Match along with Chrome Line Options.  Quick Installation (less than an hour) No Drilling Required!


Spoilers and other Custom Accessories for newer model vehicles, along with many of the popular models of the last ten years.

Many Phoenix Valley Dealerships offer Beaver Stripes' Accessories and Graphics for their vehicles. Just ask for the personalized trim for your vehicle. If your salesman doesn't understand what you are looking for, ask the Service Manager or Parts Department.

Wheel Covers and Wheel Skins

Factory Style Wheel Covers and Wheel Skins to spruce up those Steel Styled Wheels. Add Chrome to the face with out the cost of replacing the wheels.

Grille Inserts and Overlays

Grille Overlays and Inserts. No Drilling, products either snap in place or are installed with applied 3M tape. Some will cover just the inset areas and others will cover the grille shell.

Fender Trim, Stainless Steel Options

Stainless Steel Fender Trim, now available in different widths along with new looks. Some with thinner widths and no rubber gasket. Some with creases and some with out.

Nerf Bars, Rocker Pannels

Vehicle Accessories

Car & Truck Accessories also Available. Including Step Bars, Nerf Bars, Running Boards and Stainless Steel Rocker Panels. Great Accents for any Vehicle. make Yours Personal. Chrome Door Handles, Pillar Trim and other Custom Accessories From Beaver Stripes.

Beaver Stripes has expanded our accessories section. We now offer more accessory options for your vehicle. To include more vehicles and more manufactures.

Removing Automotive Graphics & Vinyl

Are you in the need of graphics removal for fleets or a large vehicle? How much time do you have for the job? What if we could offer a removal in less than half the time and cost?

With VINYL-OFFIt took only a few hours for removal AND cleanup!

Try pulling some of the vinyl in your traditional manner without Vinyl Off. Then apply Vinyl Off and just follow the directions. You'll see the difference!

Let Beaver Stripes bid on your fleet graphics removal and possible installation of new. With our new found process using an Environmentally Safe product that allows our crews to spend less time on removals. Which in the total bid process could save you more money than you ever thought was possible.

Wizards Products, Make it Shine. TM

Vehicle and Vinyl Graphics Conditioning Products


A one step cleaner, polish and breathable paint sealant. SHINE MASTER is safe and recommended for clear coats, stripes and decals.

Wizards TURBO CUT™

The TURBO CUT does do an excellent job on fully cured, badly faded, or deeply scratched finishes. It also is the best choice for Marine Fiberglass and Gel Coat.


A powerful and effective cleaner specifically formulated to safely release bug residue without attacking or damaging surfaces,

Beaver Stripes works on many different types of vehicles and we are always asked of ways to protect and clean vehicles with graphics. Beaver Stripes has partnered up with Wizards Products from all of these requests and our relentless pursuit for the best product to use on all types of Vehicles with Graphics. These are only 3 of the great products we have found to be effective and safe for vinyl graphics applications. Ask about the full line of Wizards Products for Boats, RV's and Show Vehicles, along with your pride and joy!

Local Racing Support

Beaver Stripes is very involved in keeping the local racing action alive in the Phoenix and Arizona area. You will find many small local race teams showing the Beaver on their vehicle, along with many of the local tracks flying banners with the Beaver on them. We also are interested in Local Car Clubs, Car Shows and any other vehicle related activity involving the community. Check out our Local Links, Racing Section for more details.


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Beaver Stripes, Molding, Custom Graphics and More! If it's Automotive Related in anyway, there is a good chance we would be willing to work with you!! Thanks!!

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