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Automotive Body Shop Services Available

If you have any kind of Automotive Related Shop, Located in the Phoenix Valley, we are here to help you out. Many of the products are also available to be shipped out. We can supply your shop with every day items used, such as;

Vehicle Appearance, Wizards Products for Cleaning and Polishing Vehicles. Let Beaver Stripes work with your Service and or Parts Department to set up a small display of Vehicle Care Products for add on sales. Also available for use in the service and get ready department along with the body shop. With Consumer size packaging and Excellent Products even for fresh paint, you can share the great products that your customers will enjoy using, with a decent profit margin available. Look for more information coming soon!

Vinyl Pinstripe Roll Tape, keep the most common sizes and colors on hand for in house repairs. Weekly delivery available, along with bulk pricing for dealerships that use allot.

Clear Paint Protection film; for the door edges, door handle grab areas (many times referred to as "Clovers"), along with some rocker areas that are protected from the elements. Many times when you do a repair to these areas, you can order some of the pieces from the dealer, or just keep bulk stock on hand to cut your own pieces as needed. We have as mentioned before the "clovers" in a few sizes, along with other patterns found, bulk material available in 6", 12" and 24" widths, sold by the foot or roll.

Door and Wheel Edge Molding; many of the vehicles sold in the Arizona market were upgraded with this very common edge molding, keep your shop in stock for in house repairs. Most commons styles found are simple 1/2 Round and "L" shape edge molding, either Black or Chrome. Smaller rolls of 20' for the smaller shops up to the 150' & 200' rolls for the busy shops.

Detailing and Reconditioning Chemicals & Supplies; Beaver Stripes carries a full line of Cleaning, Polishing and Detailing supplies, delivered weekly to your shop. Our supply truck carries these items and is available to stop in your shop as often as needed. We carry Production Car Care Products, S.M. Arnold Cleaning Products, Hi-tech Industries Automotive products, Spray Way aerosols and other small tools and supplies needed to finish that repaired to factory finish look on a vehicle. We can set your shop up with many different programs, from weekly fills for your 5 gal squares, to 30 or 55 gal drum needs. Weekly stops for your technicians to get the needed tools and supplies to complete the job at hand. Soaps, Degreasers, Acids, Compounds, Polishes, Brushes, Buff Pads, Polish Pads, Glass Cleaners, Interior Cleaners, Spot Cleaners, Dressings, Conditioners, the list goes on.. All of our products are "Body Shop Safe" and we won't just drop off products you don't need or use, we would rather service your shop with what works for you!

Factory Match Body Side Molding; Since we are in Arizona, with very little rust or corrosion damage, many people choose to restore their not so older vehicles. Many of our generic Body Side Molding matches the factory style and look. Usually the only difference is the ends of the molding, most of the factory molding had finished ends on each piece. If you are doing complete repaints then these are your way to go. Beaver Stripes also is offering paint to match body side moldings for the newer vehicles that the factory doesn't offer, call us first when the dealer says that wasn't offered.

Chrome Accessories to replace; This can be tricky sometimes when it comes to collision repair, trying to locate chrome accessories the consumer or dealer added to the vehicle. Yet you still have to replace and repair the vehicle to pre accident condition. We can help you identify and supply these accessories, unfortunately many times you will have to purchase the complete set. However, we do work with and have listed independent contractors that work the valley, that sometimes will have just one or two pieces available for the repair. We can also get single pieces of Stainless Steel trim with pictures, measurement and rubbings of the opposite side trim to copy.

Graphics and Commercial Lettering; It doesn't matter who did the original graphics or lettering on the vehicle, you still need to replace it. When it comes to simple lettering and sometimes simple logos, we can recreate the items to match. As for replacing the graphics kits, we can help identify and in many cases supply the graphic kit. With replacement graphic kits you will usually have to purchase the entire kit. This could benefit all of us involved, as you could give the consumer the extra pieces not needed for the repair, offer to replace the old faded graphics to match the new side (adding to the repair ticket) or refer them to us to remove and replace the other side.

As you can see Beaver Stripes is very versified and involved in the Automotive Trim & Accessories. We could go on and on but these are the basics. Beaver Stripes is also up to date on vehicle model years and current trends, as we are offering these accessories to dealers, which in the end will most likely end up in your shop for repairs... Where are you going to find these parts at? Anyway, we would love to service your Automotive Repair shop with our great service and superior products, just give the chance and tell us what you need.

Just keep in mind, for the replacement and or panel repairs we are not mobile, that is where the independent contractors we work with come in hand. These mobile stripers and installers are available to take care of your shops and we recommend them because they are and have been partners with Beaver Stripes for many years and have a great reputation.

We have a couple of trucks on the road daily, covering the valley. Please contact us for the days of the week we are in your area.

Collision and or Hail Damage replacement, again it's your vehicle and property, along with your right to have it repaired to pre accident condition. Beaver Stripes has been working with many RV Repair Shops, Body shops and Valley Dealerships in the process of replacing Graphics and Stripes that were involved with damage caused from our recent hail storm. We have built a larger file of popular graphics that are no longer available from the manufacturer, so the graphics will be available to replace those graphics on the panels that were damaged.

Beaver Stripes is very capable of re producing discontinued or creating replacement graphics for your RV along with creating new or Custom Graphics for your toy. So our view is if your insurance company is telling you the graphics are no longer available, but you want to have your RV repaired complete, tell them to contact us. Or Contact us for shops that are working with us to complete the project with graphics and service that you expect! Find Local Shops for Your RV or Large Truck Needs.

RV Graphics Replacement
RV Graphics Replacemnt

When it comes to Collision Replacement, you have many rights as a vehicle owner. You also have a chance to help the body shop, when it comes to replacing the Custom Graphics and or Accessories that you have installed on your vehicle. This would include letting them know where you purchased the items, or had them originally installed. But do keep in mind, with our recent economic conditions, many of the smaller installers and retailers have closed their doors. Beaver Stripes is still here, and can help locate these replacement parts that are needed to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition. So as a Consumer, concerned with getting your vehicle back the way you had it, you are more than welcome to mention our name as a source. We do work with many shops in Arizona, but a little mention from someone like you couldn't hurt, it could actually speed up the repair process.

As for the local Automotive Shops, as mentioned above, we will work with you on matching Graphics and Accessories that need to be replaced. However, many times at least one side of the vehicle may not match the other. For this we recommend to you and we are trying to explain to the Insurance companies as well, it is best to replace both sides, so they match. This is especially true when it comes to stainless steel trim, as there have been so many companies that gone by the wayside, matching their specs' would actually cost more than just replacing the entire set. As for Graphics, again it would be best to replace both sides. As weather, time and lack of maintenance will cause fading, cracking and burning of vinyl on a vehicle. With very little chance of matching color and or shading. This of course is up to the insured and the insurer to agree on, we understand, but it would be easier on you when you are ready to deliver the car, that everyone involved understands the above up front. We have had some success with the larger graphics lately, found on R-V's and trailers. This is where we would utilize our scanning and digital printing (as used on vehicle wraps) to match up only the needed replacement section. This process is only cost effective because of the size, it would not be cost effective for cars or trucks.

Below are just a couple examples, having to recreate the original stripes and graphics on larger vehicles.

Graphic Raplcement Partial
Graphics Replacement
RV Replacement Graphics


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Beaver Stripes, Molding, Custom Graphics and More! If it's Automotive Related in anyway, there is a good chance we would be willing to work with you!! Thanks!!

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