Automotive Molding Brochure

Beaver Stripes Automotive Molding

Over the years Automotive Molding has changed, both in the use from the Auto Maker and the Dealership. More than half the car makers now send vehicles to their dealers with out any (or much) Protective Body Side Molding, much less the Molding or Step Pads needed to protect the Painted Surfaces of the Vehicle. Beaver Stripes and Molding offers a variety of Protective and Stylish Molding for most of the Newer Car Models Available on the Market. Along with offering “generic” molding for older model vehicles. Keep in mind that our “Roll or Generic” Molding is not exactly like the factory, but resembles it very well. The biggest difference would be the way the ends are treated. With our replacement moldings, the ends will not be “finished” with formed ends, *( some exceptions with newer styles). For a full description and sizes of the moldings please us our online catalog.

Edge Molding

Edge Molding, smaller size molding, designed for Door Edges, Wheel Well and other smaller applications. This includes the “L” type and “U” type molding styles.

All of these edge moldings come with either 3M Double sided tape, or hot glue in the “U” Shape molding, so when installed and pressure applied to edge, will release. Also available, Rubber Locking Edge Trim, with and with out Foam Seal.

Wheel Opening Molding

Wheel opening molding, also used for some edge finishing. These are small enough to be flexible to make the curves of the fender opening. 

All of the body side moldings come with double sided 3M foam tape for installation.

Fender Flair Gasket Trim, used for fender flair installation.

Body Side Molding

Body Side Molding for Cars. Grouped from 5/8″ to smaller than 2″, (larger sizes are featured in the Truck Specific Section). Most in Chrome or Black. Some colors available in some models.

Painted Body Side Molding

All of our Painted Body Side Moldings are manufactured to the exact vehicle specifications and come with factory-formed ends. Each 4-piece molding kit comes complete, painted with factory matched paint, (your paint code will be needed) along with installation instructions. Installation is available for this item also through Beaver Stripes. We currently have applications available from 2008 to the present model year for most vehicles. If a car or truck does not have moldings coming out of the factory, chances are Dawn Enterprises Inc. and Beaver Stripes have them available! See some of the options below;

Simple Angle Tips for older models

Newer model vehicles with speared ends

Painted with Chrome Insert

Chrome Body Side Molding

Chrome Body Moldings are incredibly durable and will not wear or scratch, guaranteeing a lasting exterior upgrade for your vehicle. Chrome Body Moldings look amazing on their own, but they also accent any other chrome trim on your vehicle. Chrome Body Moldings are made in the USA using automotive grade ABS plastic that has been triple-plated in chrome to give off a classy and stylish appeal.

Chrome Body Side Molding, Vehicle specific.

Lower Chrome Body Molding, for some models.

Universal Chrome Body Side Molding, with Bullet tips or Square Ends.

Truck Molding

Truck and Van Specific Moldings. These are the larger body side moldings, 1 7/8″ and larger. As you can see, most are designed for the older vehicles. So if you are looking to replace your worn out factory molding, we might be able to help. 

RV and Specialty Molding

RV and Specialty Molding

RV and Specialty Moldings, including Screw Cover Molding, Seam Cover Molding and Drip Rail Moldings. Most RV moldings are available in Frosty White, Colonial  White, Oxford White and Champagne Color. Drip Rail molding is available in black, silver, charcoal red and white. All are special order, usually available with in a week.