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Beaver Stripes has a Team of Experienced and Very Picky Installers. Which means that when we install your graphics or any accessory we sell, you can expect the best possible finished product. We take the time to work with you, getting your idea of what effect you are trying to achieve, along with offering our opinions and suggestions to be sure that you will be satisfied. You are more than welcome to attempt installation, however if you have never tried it before we do not recommend it. Also keep in mind that if you damage the product trying to install, you are responsible for it. However if something happens when we are installing it, we replace it. Below are recommended installation Instructions, supplied by Universal Products.

Application Instructions for Vehicle Vinyl Graphics

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Tools required: masking tape, scissors, squeegee, lint-free cloth, Rapid Prep, ruler.

Application temperature should be above 50 F (13 C). If extremely cold, move to an enclosed area and allow the surface temperature to warm. If extremely hot, move to a shaded area.

Vinyl Graphics Definitions
Vinyl Installation Step One

Step 1
Clean the surface with Rapid Prep or a few drops of grease-cutting liquid detergent in water (do not use a petroleum base cleaner). Rinse clean with fresh water then dry with a lint-free cloth. Wiping surface with alcohol will also help remove any contamination and enhance the adhesion process

Check out our supplies page for more tools and other supplies that may make the job easier.

Step 2
Put a piece of masking tape on each end of your vinyl transfer in the area where you plan to apply it and anchor each end to the application surface with masking tape.

Step 4
Remove the masking tape anchor from one end of your vinyl transfer and SLOWLY peel the release liner away towards the center masking hinge. Be careful not to touch the adhesive side of the vinyl transfer. Use scissors to cut away the excess release liner and discard.

Vinyl Installation Step Two
Vinyl Installation Step Four

Step 3
Estimate the center of your vinyl transfer and place two vertical lengths of masking tape to secure the vinyl transfer and create a center hinge as shown in the illustration. This step allows you to apply half of the vinyl transfer at a time.

Vinyl Installation Step Three

Step 5
Hold your vinyl transfer by the application tape, careful not to touch the vinyl adhesive to the application surface until you are ready to squeegee. Beginning at the center hinge, make easy overlapping, pushing strokes with your squeegee. Remove the center hinge tape and slowly peel the remaining release liner away. Squeegee the other half of the vinyl transfer, working from the center to the edges.

Vinyl Installation Step Five

Step 6
To remove the application tape, peel SLOWLY at a sharp (180) angle. If the vinyl appears to be lifting, gently push the application tape in the opposite direction from which you were pulling and resqueegee that area. If after removing the application tape, air bubbles are apparent, puncture the vinyl with a pin or needle (DO NOT USE a knife or razor blade) and squeegee out the air towards the puncture

Vinyl Installation Step Six

Keep in mind that these steps may sound easy, but when it comes to full wraps or larger graphics, it can get tricky. Let Beaver Stripes do the installation for you. We have many team members and local installers with plenty years of experience. The best part of letting us do the install is if we mess it up, we fix it. If you mess up you have to buy a new kit and start over?! 

Golf Car Wrap
Dodge Ram Hemi Done
Dodge Ram Hemi, During


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