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Vinyl Graphic Kits from Universal Products

Universal Products manufactures a wide range of graphics that are screen printed or digitally printed to produce original designs with eye-popping colors. All of Universal Products graphics have a UV clear-coat applied to the graphic to ensure durability against the sun and chemical deterioration. Beaver Stripes has graphics ranging from small kits, designed to work with a pinstripe, all the way to large graphics that give the vehicle a custom paint look. Whatever size you are looking for, Universal products has the right size graphic for the job. Key Into Color! Most of Universal Products graphics are available in multiple color combinations like grays, blues, red’s, golds. These colors match the stripes we offer that allow you to create combinations with the graphics and the stripes.  There is a combo that is perfect for matching any vehicle color scheme. There are a few in purples and greens for those more wild applications. 

Adding pinstripes or Graphics to your car or truck can bring some color to a basic paint scheme. Why not try applying a red accent to a silver or charcoal paint surface to achieve an aggressive color combination that hints of high performance. You can accent the same paint color with black or charcoal pinstripes on silver paint or silver on charcoal for a soft color complement. Some folks have even added a completely contrasting color, even using their favorite sports team combinations to make a fan statement.

Please use our online catalog for a complete description and more information on the vehicle graphic kits available from Beaver Stripes.

Rear Window Graphics

Rear window graphics feature micro-perforated vinyl which has approximately 30% holes and 70% material. Lighting is what makes the whole thing work. The reflection of light off the image provides the illusion of a solid image. On the inside, the black adhesive side absorbs the light and so that the material is easily seen through. Rear window graphics  are available in 3 common sizes. By far, the most popular size is 20″ x 65″, which fits most standard pickup trucks. There is also a 16″ x 54″ size for compact trucks, as well as a 30″ x 65″ size for SUV’s. Keep in mind that the image can be trimmed to fit, so if one of these sizes is just a few inches too big, it should still fit just fine. Plus, the images are designed so that trimming off the edges will not affect the general feel of the design. If, by chance, one of our standard sizes do not fit, Beaver Stripes can create the custom size your need!

Some samples shown below. Use our online catalog for a full list of kits available.

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