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Weather you’re an owner of a large national fleet, or you run a small business with a dozen delivery vans. Beaver Stripes can show you why fleet advertising is cost effective, along with the benefits of the right fleet graphic design and how to plan and work with the right fleet graphics partner. 

The Influence of Graphics in Sales and Marketing
Graphics make it much easier for your audience to understand and remember your solution. Studies have also shown that we need words, concepts, and ideas attached to an image or else we won’t remember the product or service. Professional, visually appealing graphics increase your likelihood of success by 43% (3M-sponsored study at the University of Minnesota School of Management). Research at the 3M Corporation concluded that we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. It is no wonder that billions of dollars are spent annually to find the right imagery to sell a product, service or idea.

Visuals paint the picture of who the advertiser is, what they stand for, and how the audience may benefit. Graphics sell because of their ability to influence quickly and be remembered. How you use graphics greatly affects how you and your business are perceived and ultimately, how well your product or service will sell:

Create Irresistible Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics are one of the most powerful forms of local advertising for small business owners.

Imagine being able to connect with customers and cause them to say… “That’s the company I want to do business with”. That’s the power of Vehicle Graphics Advertising when done properly.

Unfortunately this is seldom the case with 99% of the Vehicle Graphics you will see on the road because they are not designed by marketers who understand Vehicle Graphics Advertising. They were designed by a Sign Shop Designer who created a design based on feedback from a business owner who thought this would be a great way to attract attention or showcase his product or services.

What you end up with is something that appeals to the business owner but not necessarily the customer and typically has nothing to do with effective marketing.

To design an irresistible vehicle wrap you need to include the following 4 elements in each design. If you miss any your success will be limited. If you include all four it can change the face of your business forever. You should absolutely be able to dominate your local market.

1. Capture Their Attention – You need to cut through the static. Create a crisp message that leaves nothing to the imagination. Clear, simple, short and to the point. This needs to be done effectively with the right combination of graphics and text. The amount of graphics and text will be limited by the size and type of vehicle. You only have about 3 to six seconds to get your message across.

2. Communicate a High ROI Offer – Offer something that is of high perceived value in the mind of your customer. It should be something that they are actively looking for.

3. Create Believability – A picture is worth a 1000 words and you only have one chance to make a first impression. The overall look of your design must convey a level of confidence and believability in the mind of your customer. It must be consistent with the information you are conveying to the customer. They must believe you can do what you say you can do and feel comfortable in contacting you. This can all be done accomplished with the right design

4. Create Memorable Message with your Graphics – Clear concise graphics with a controlled flow of information, displayed strategically on the most visible areas of the vehicle will make it easy to scan your message quickly. The Web and phone number must be easy to remember and flow naturally and should be the last piece of information they read. The vehicle should be memorable as you will be counting on repeat viewing to be truly effective.


Steps for Vehicle Graphics


Before getting started, business owners will want to have a good grasp of: Budget – What are you willing to spend? Have you factored in the long-term return on investment of quality graphics? Fleet size – How many vehicles are receiving graphics? Location – Is it a local job, or a nationwide effort? Time frame – How quickly does the job need to be done once it is started? Graphic size – Decal, half wrap, full wrap, etc. Lifetime of graphics – How often do you hope to change graphics? 


Once a business owner understands their needs, they’re ready to search for a graphics company that can service their needs. Some considerations include:

Cost – This one is obvious, but it’s important to consider cost in relation to the ROI. Higher quality materials and installation will be much more effect in the long run. Capabilities – How much volume can they handle, and how fast?  How does the quality of their work compare to competitors? Materials – What types of materials are they working with? Are they partnered with a well-known manufacturer, or do they stick with the lowest cost? Installation – Do they have their own installers? And where are they located? Large scale fleet wrap jobs are almost always done on-site. Experience – Experience speaks for itself, and you’ll know it when you see it.


Timeliness is critical; one missed step delays everything. The time it takes for each step of the project will vary depending on your needs, but these are the phases you can expect:

Design, Approval, Print, Installation and Delivery.

Please feel free to check out Beaver Stripes’ history, list of clients, finished projects and you will find that we are more than capable to work with you. In addition, we are about the only Graphics Shop in Phoenix that also does the removals of Vinyl Graphcis.

5 Mistakes Made When Investing in Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics Advertising is one of the most powerful forms of marketing for small business owners on a budget. If done properly it can virtually transform your business overnight. If done incorrectly it can be a very costly and cause much frustration and disappointment.

Here are 5 of Most Common Mistakes that Business Owners make when investing in Vehicle Graphics Marketing and how you can avoid them.

Mistake 1. They think of Vehicle Graphics as a cost rather than a revenue stream, so they start by shopping for the best price instead of looking for someone who will help them to make the most money. Solution: Decide what you wish to accomplish with your Vehicle Graphics Advertising Campaign. What is the potential revenue based on your product and service. Once you understand this you will have a better idea of what you can afford to spend and you can focus on finding someone to help you achieve your objective.

Mistake 2. They look at pictures of catchy vehicle graphics designs online and use this as a reference for what they would like their vehicle to look like. Solution: You need to start by focusing on your Ideal Customer, their likes, dislikes, what motivates them and how to communicate your solutions to address their needs. Your objective should first be to get clear on your message. Your design will most likely be unique and if done properly may only appeal to a very specific target audience.

Mistake 3. Most Business Owners Investing in vehicle graphics become attached to their vehicles and evaluate the design based on what appeals to THEM. Solution: Evaluate the mock-up based on how effectively it communicates your message and its appeal to your Ideal Customer. If you communicate your objective clearly a good Vehicle graphics Designer should be able to help you. Remember that it’s not about your preference.

Mistake 4. Many business owners make the mistake of involving a friend spouse or relative to provide feedback on the design without providing them with the framework for what they are trying to accomplish. The feedback in many cases can be negative or mixed causing uncertainty and can sometimes result in the design going in totally different direction. Solution: If you plan on involving someone else in the decision-making process, make sure that they are involved from the very beginning and are part of the discussion of how to best to communicate with your ideal customer. This will allow the other person to provide feedback based on your objectives. It will also significantly reduce the design time and cost and increase your chances of success with Vehicle Graphics Advertising.

Mistake 5. Most business owners target their message at the 6% of prospects that need their services now or in the near future but ignore the 94% that may need it in the distant future or may refer friends and family. Solution: Communicate something of value on your vehicle that viewers can retrieve by going to your website and provide their e-mail address. This will allow you to build a relationship with them over time and offer other services.

Beaver Stripes is here to work with you through out the process, from design, print and install of your fleet graphics. We have been here in the Phoenix area for more than 40 years, helping many satisfied customers along the way. We are not going any where, but forward. We have been told that we are about the only graphics company in valley that actually offers removals for when the graphics need to come off. So when comparing your graphics companies, see which one can offer the complete business needs package, you will find that Beaver Stripes is about the only one around. We work with some of the larger fleet leasing and maintenance companies in the valley offering the complete service package with their own complete service package. Those companies include Ryder, Penske, RWC Group, Inland Group and others. Please feel free to check out our service history with fleet businesses. Contact us today with your Fleet Graphics Needs.