Beaver Stripes Automotive Detailing Products

Beaver Stripes offers many different automotive detailing and reconditioning products for the Body shop and Professional Detailers in the Phoenix  area. Stop in the store, or we have two fully stocked trucks on the road that can service your shop on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. We have smaller containers for the DIY week-end warriors, along with gallons, 5 gallons and some limited products are available in 55 Gallon drums. We also carry a full line of brushes, sponges, towels, aerosols and specialty cleaners. Lines include Production Car Care Products, Wizards Specialty Appearance Products, OCCS, 3D Products, 3M, Sprayway, Hi-Tech, S.M. Arnold and others.

Production Car Care Products

Beaver Stripes is the Phoenix area distributor for Production Car Care Products.

Cleaners and Degreasers;  Industro-Klean ; Biodegradable Water base citrus cleaner. Great for interior cleaning, carpet and vinyl. Red Power; Degreaser Popular heavy duty cleaner. Safest for most shops, not having to worry about damaging aluminum. Rinse off before it dries. Slam; Excellent cleaner, Stronger than Red Power. Must be diluted before use! Servisol; High quality, fast acting general purpose solvent. Our BEST general purpose solvent available. Quickly loosens and removes silicone road tar, glue, oil, grease, polish, baked on carbon, overspray, etc. 

Clay Bars, Surface Prep: Super Duty Red; Recommended for light colored vehicles and/or heavy duty cleaning to remove oxidation, overspray, surface rust, volcanic ash, railhead dust and industrial fallout.  Regular Duty Blue; Recommended for dark colored vehicles and or light duty cleaning to remove oxidation, overspray, surface rust, volcanic ash, railhead dust and industrial fallout.  Dual Purpose Z-BAR; Recommended for all colored vehicles and/or surface cleaning on all painted surfaces, chrome, glass, aluminum and plastic. 

Wheel Cleaners; Brakeaway; Safe Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner. Removes brake dust quickly and safely. An excellent tire and wheel cleaner. No mixing, ready to use, just spray it on cool rims wait a few seconds & rinse off. Heavy-Duty & Spoke Wheel Cleaner; Concentrated high powered acid based product that cleans and brightens Steel, chrome, wire wheels and wheel covers. Penetrates solid or rusted wheels. Heavy-Duty Whitewall Cleaner; Stronger and more concentrated for use for the tough jobs.

Car Wash Soaps;  Auto-Glo; Extremely concentrated inexpensive car soap. Basic Car Wash Soap. Wax Wash; Gentle suds cleans without removing wax. Safe to use on all waxed surfaces. Works great with the hard water found in the Phoenix area. 

Compounds; Red Ball;  AlkaLine pH Removes “orange peel”. Heavy duty rubbing compound. Can be used on both new and used cars.  
Synthetic Cutting Creme; Non-Silicone compound for clear coats. The most popular general purpose compound in the industry. Removes #1000 to #2000 wet sanding scratches. Excellent for two-stage urethane paints.

Polishes; Film Clearer Polish; Chemically removes light oxidation, scratches and buffer marks. Use by hand or with a machine. The most popular polish in the industry. Old Reliable Polish; Water base, medium duty cleaner/polish Use to clean and polish heavily oxidized finishes. Phase II Wax Creme; The Industry Standard. Excellent for buffing ALL colors of paint. Can be used on ALL paints, lacquers, and clear coats (two stage  paints) Reviver; Deep cleans and smooths the surface Apply by hand or machine. Excellent for ALL colors and ALL types of paint finishes. Similar to Phase ll but has better cleaning ability as it contains more aggressive cleaners.

Waxes; La Cera Amarilla; Cleans, brightens, polishes and protects all finishes, leaving an outstanding high gloss that lasts. Removes road film, light oxidation, unsightly grooves, marks and light scratches. A free-flowing liquid paste that spreads and wipes off easily with no hard rubbing. Leaves no powder residue. Midnight Special; An outstanding wax for fine polishing black and dark colored cars. Use by hand or orbital polisher. Removes tar, works in all climates and best on a warm surface. Carnauba Plus; About the easiest and safest wax you will ever use. It never gets hard or sticks on even in the sun on a black car on a hot day. Professional detailers love it. Great for all paints and lacquers, old or new. U WAX II; Chemically removes light oxidation and brightens the finish. Removes scratches and buffer marks. Use by hand or with a machine. Works well with foam pads. 

Production Car Care Products

Anti-Static Showroom Conditioner; Our “Anti-Static” Formula neutralizes surface electricity This reduces the attraction of lint and dust to the protected surface. Use between waxings like a “Quick Detail Product” Cleans and polishes paint, glass, chrome, rubber and plastic.

Dressings; Leather Conditioner; Penetrates, nourishes, conditions, strengthens and beautifies leather. TKO; A thin low cost water based protectant for interior and exterior vinyl, leather and rubber surfaces
Widely used for tire dressing. Super 1000W Dressing; Waterproof, weather resistant sealant and protectant for vinyl tops, dashboards, rubber etc. EXTREMELY effective for polishing fiberglass, boats, planes, RV’s. Water base, thin with a neutral odor. A great product for preserving the graphics on your boat or RV. 

Detailing Brushes and More!

Spray Bottles, Heavy Duty Trigger Sprayers, Scrub Brushes, Bug Sponges, Buffing Pads, Car Wash Soaps, Cleaners and Degreasers. Compounds, Polishes, Buffers and Polishers. Deodorizers, Dispenser Bottles, Dressings, Carpet Film and Floor Mats. Dispensing Equipment and more. All available to be delivered and serviced at your shop, from our fully stocked route trucks

(OCCS) Ultra Clean Products

Cleaners and Degreasers; Yellow Thunder, is non-flammable and biodegradable. This product out performs most acidic style cleaner. Citrus Clean specially for the car wash and detailing industry. Clean It, Vinyl & Leather Cleaner. Ready to use cleaning solution that safety cleans and lifts away dirt and oil build-up on all types of leather and Vinyl surfaces. Radical Red: Outstanding concentrated degreaser. Radical Red is non-flammable and biodegradable.

Cherry Soap, is specially formulated with unique surfactant that create a rich dense foam that lifts dirt from
vehicles surface. Wash N Wax, High suds for washing while leaving a just waxed look. Safe and effective on all automotive paint finishes. 

Dressings; Final Shine Dressing. Water Base. For tires, spray or wipe evenly on clean, dry surfaces. Allow 10 to 15 minutes for milky effect to
dissipate. For vinyl and leather, dilute up to 5:1. Silicone Free Dressing, water base can be diluted to achieve desired sheen. Allow product to dry and wipe off any excess. Tire Wet Dressing, a solvent base protectant that cleans and protects vinyl and plastic in one step with a super high shine. 

Wizards Specialty Products

Mystic Cut™; Nano-Sphere Technology Compound. Progressive cutting action with no grit. Levels 1200-2000 grit sand scratches. Excellent all around compound for removing swirls, defects and water spotting. Turbo Cut™; Time Release™ Compound. Fast cut on dead paint, gelcoat and fiberglass, High gloss finishing on fresh or aged finishes, single stage paint and clearcoat. Mystic Polish™; Nano-Sphere Technology Machine Glaze. Used as standalone polish or final step in the buffing process. Shine Master™; Polish & Breathable Sealant. Easy on – easy off application. Awesome high-shine gloss. Tough, long-lasting poly-acrylic protection.

Metal Polish™ The Magic Is In The Cloth™. Brightens and protects ALL metals: aluminum, chrome*, stainless, brass, copper, nickel, etc. Fast cutting, highest gloss possible. Removes tarnish, corrosion, oxidation, brake dust and tar. Metal Renew™ Liquid Polish; Brightens and renews aluminum, brass, stainless steel, chrome* and most metals. Fast cut, high gloss. Creamy emulsion does not require constant shaking. Mist-N-Shine™. Professional Detailer. Adds a show-winning gloss and slickness to any vehicle. Brightens all paint, , fiberglass and chrome. Great for spot cleaning to remove dust, bugs, fingerprints, etc. Wipe Down™ Matte Finish Detailer. Great for Matte, Flat and Denim finishes. Eliminates missed areas masked by buffing residue. Contains no wax, solvents or silicone. Adds no gloss or protection. Black Renew™ All Color Exterior Trim Treatment. Instantly removes embedded wax and compound from textured body side moldings. Cleans and renews faded trim.  

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