Beaver Stripes Custom Graphics

Custom Graphics

Custom Graphics, using powerful software to create Vehicle Graphics designed with your ideas. Almost anything you can imagine, we can create it for you! Classic looking graphics.Custom vehicle specific graphics give today’s muscle cars and trucks the classic styling of yesteryear. Hood graphics, body line graphics, rocker stripes, quarter panel accents, and bed stripes are available for late model cars and trucks from domestic and import. Bring in your ideas and see what Beaver Stripes can do with them!

Avery Supreme Wrap is the answer for Hood and Roof Stripes. All of Beaver Stripes Custom Graphics are available in Avery Supreme Wrap film. ASW vinyl is the only vinyl available with a 3 year warranty on horizontal applications. ASW vinyls may cost a little more, but it is the perfect solution for hood, roof and deck lid applications.

Restoration Graphics

Depending on the vehicle and the look you are trying achieve you have a couple of options. For the original look and factory stripes, we recommend looking at Phoenix Graphix, they have licensed graphics kits for many of the Muscle Cars of the seventies and eighties. If you need professional installation on these kits, Beaver Stripes would be more than happy work with you.

The other option, which we have successfully completed, is to bring the vehicle to us with what is left of the graphics, we will then measure, take digital images and try to match the colors with what is left. We then recreate the graphics in the computer and cut them out of our vinyl. This could involve many hours of art work which could increase the cost of your graphics more.


Semi Tractor Graphics

Beaver Stripes doesn’t stop at the smaller vehicles when it comes to graphics and stripes. We can add stripes and custom graphics to your big rig also. No job too big for us handle.

Boats and other Toys

Beaver Stripes has tackled some odd projects, including large house boats, Small Speed boats and more. bring us your toys to customize.