Beaver Stripes believes in partnerships with employees, customers, suppliers, and communities. We know that partnerships require investment in time and trust to be the most effective and successful. And we believe this action supports our Company’s growth and culture, as we continue to succeed. Our employees understand the need of; the desirability for and the skills needed to achieve our goals. The improvement of our processes, innovations, quality, service, cost and timeliness of execution ensure continued growth. We believe in partnerships that provide for:

  • A relationship of respect, recognition and reward. Integrity, honesty, faith, and trust.
  • Sincerity to meet ethical standards. A dedication to safety.
  • An honest investment in each other.

We believe that the consistent, profitable growth of Beaver Stripes as an independent enterprise is in the best interests of all partners.

We, as a company cannot guarantee your success. We can only offer you the opportunities for success. If you have the desire to work, the willingness to learn, confidence in yourself, and a cooperative caring spirit, your employment with Beaver Stripes will be a rewarding one. As the owners, our intent is to conduct our business in the most harmonious manner possible, by providing you with the following:

  • Proper equipment and  tools to do your job in a safe and efficient manner.
  • The support you need to succeed in your position.
  • A safe and fun place to work.
  • A fair wage with opportunities of growth.

To do this we need people with like intentions; employees who will speak up, be a part of and support the growth of Beaver Stripes. Know that we only want the best for you, your family and the future. Our intent is to build a business that meets everyone’s expectations.

Beaver Stripes has many aspects that keeps the company operating. What ever your passion with Automotive and Fleet Related Graphics, Automotive Accessories, Creative Design, Vinyl Graphics Installation, Fleet Billing, Accounts Receivables, Warehouse Management, Vinyl Graphics Removal, Automotive Detailing and Customer Service, We are always looking for the right person to join our team. We are listing some of the current openings we have available.

During the current situation, we are still operating full time, supplying the needed items to shops and employees to continue to work safely. Including sanitizing and disinfecting products along with the needed graphics to stay open and operating . We are doing this in accordance with the latest COVD-19 recommendations. Keeping our team and customers safe.

See the Open Space Working Environment we have created, no cubicles, no walls, just open space. Open communication between departments, plenty of room to stretch!

Open Space Work Area
Open Space Work Area
Graphic Design Work Area
Large Format Plotters and Printers

Graphic Artist *Now Hiring*

We are always looking for a Flexible, Service Oriented, Self Motivator to join our Team of Professional Graphic Artists and Installers. Previous experience of creating graphics preferred, along with being able to recreate graphics for replacement and repairs. This would include on-site visits, measuring and color matching, to recreating graphics. Follow up on the job from start to finish, keeping the customer in the loop.
Duties to include (but not limited to);
Managing Multiple Projects using Flexi-sign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Working directly with customer on design, creation, proofing, and file transfers. Inspecting jobs for accuracy and quality control. Correct language usages, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and accurate proofreading.
Other helpful skills and knowledge include:
Node editing or familiarity with the bezier tool.
Know Plotters, printers and their software.
Fast paced environment, move from one project to the next.
Knowledgeable in sign field.
Printer maintenance and care.
Some examples of what we do include Vinyl Graphics Services, such as Custom Vehicle Graphics, Fleet Graphics, Vehicle Wraps, Rally Stripes, Racing Decals, Window Lettering, Metal Signs, Banners and more. We have a steady flow of Commercial and Recreation Vehicle Graphics Customers looking for Replacements and Creations. We also work with Fast Turn Around Signs and Lettering. If you have any interest and or experience with Vehicle Customizing and or Fleet Graphics, we would like to hear from you.

If you would like to submit your interest, please email your cover letter and resume.

Vinyl Graphics Installer *Now Hiring*

We are always looking for Experienced Vinyl Graphics Installers. This would include simple flat sign work, along with preferred experience with truck and vehicle graphics installations, with curves, rivets and simple measurements required to install fleet graphics to specifications. This is very important, as we do many fleet vehicles, but many times one or two at a time, so when all the fleet vehicles are next to each other they are consistent.

Many Automotive Related Business, along with fleet companies count on Beaver Stripes to supply and install their needed graphics and have been doing so for more than 35 years.
We offer a full line of Vinyl Graphics Services, such as Custom Vehicle Graphics, Fleet Graphics, Vehicle Wraps, Rally Stripes, Racing Decals and more. We have a steady flow of Commercial and Recreation Vehicle Graphics. We also offer fast turn around for Business lettering and graphics for many fleets and industrial companies that have counted on us for years. Possible out of town work monthly, allowing daily per-diem and bonus for travel.

If you would like to submit your interest, please email your cover letter and resume.

Vinyl Graphics Removal * Now Hiring*

We are always looking for Flexible, Service Oriented, Self Starters to join our Fleet Graphics Removal Team. Also including simple vehicle cleaning for fleet companies. No Experience Required, but the desire to learn and grow with a full time commitment is desired.

Many of our team members had no experience when they started with us, but now they are leaders and knowledgeable in the field. You will be teamed up with others that will teach you what you need to learn, to do the job right and efficiently. So don’t be afraid, that you don’t have the experience. You will need to have a Positive and Team Oriented Frame of Mind.

We have a steady flow of Commercial and Recreation Vehicle Graphics Installations along with Removals. We also offer a Store Front with Vehicle Accessories and Trim Installations. Vinyl Graphics Services, such as Custom Vehicle Stripes and more. If you have any interest and experience with vehicle customizing and or Fleet Graphics, we would like to hear from you.

If you would like to submit your interest, please email your cover letter and resume.

Auto Parts Counter Sales/Fleet Billing *Now Hiring*

Job Description:
Answer phones
Greet and acknowledge walk in customers, determine their needs: stripes, molding, accessories or custom graphics.
Billing and account management for our fleet customers, includes sending detailed invoices with all necessary information included on the invoice and applying payments.
Learn and sell products displayed in the small showroom, all automotive related, cleaning and detailing products, molding, striping and graphics, clips and fasteners.
Utilize Catalog and Website to identify needed items.
Follow up on special ordered parts and customer’s needs.
Maintain the retail showroom, keeping the shelves stocked, making sure the area is clean, and all product displays are full.
Collect cash, check or credit card payments for invoices, reconcile cash drawer at end of day
Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Skills:
Retail or wholesale counter experience required, preferably automotive related.
Strong computer skills
Ability to work independently
Excellent interpersonal communication skills

Spanish speaking a plus, female applicants and Veterans are encouraged to apply.

Familiarity with Cars and Trucks, along with some Creativity are beneficial, as we work with Body Shops, Wholesalers, Independent Contractors, Large and Small Dealerships, Fleet Managers and more. Along with Accessories we also offer Custom Graphics, Fleet Graphics and other Car and Truck Customization.

We are looking for someone who will take the initiative to learn our line of products and services, straighten up, change displays, count inventory, make calls and help with weekly orders for stock, but most importantly someone that will take care of the walk in customer.

If you would like to submit your interest, please email your cover letter and resume.

Team Member Comments

Bill, with Beaver Stripes since April 2009; Wish had known before? “How fast we would grow”. Like most? “Variety of work”. Keeps you productive? “Keeping jobs in front of  schedule”. Developed skills? “Through repetition and not being afraid of change”. Happiest at work? “Co-workers”.

Stephen, with Beaver Stripes since December 2010; Wish had known before? “Full service Shop, from removals, to detailing, to installing graphics”. Like most? “Being creative, everyone values my experience and input”. Keeps you productive? “Great equipment along with my fellow team members to help out”. Developed skills? “Getting to try different things and learning from my mistakes”. Describe work life? “It’s not the same thing every day, I get to work with a variety of vehicles”.

Jason, with Beaver Stripes since July 2018; Wish had known before? “Everything we do here , design, detail, install, etc.”. Like most? “Every day is different and we get to wok a variety of projects”. Keeps you productive? “When everything flows together and are able to our time to complete tasks”. Developed skills? “More customer service skills, different design skills”. Describe work life? “Sometimes chaotic and always changing”