Beaver Stripes Automotive Fasteners & Supplies

Fastener Truck

Beaver Stripes comes to your shop, saving you time and money. Stocking your cabinets, straightening out the fastener bin area. With the mobile store you can walk into the truck and do your shopping for supplies, unlike our competitors that take your order then ship you the product. Let us service your shop fasteners and supplies needs. 3 Trucks in the Phoenix area for better service.

Automotive Fastener Assortments

Automotive Fastener Assortments, from small 6 pocket assortments to the larger full shop set up assortment. Beaver Stripes can get you set and service your shop needs on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service schedule. 

Bumper Hardware

Grommets, Push Type Fasteners, Rivets, Strip Retainers, Phillips Style Retainers, Bumper Bolts, Screws  and More! 

Automotive Door Fasteners

Door Rod End Clips, Door Panel Retainers, Door Hinge Pin Bushings, Door Hinge Pins and More!

Steel Fasteners

Cap Screws, Body Bolts, Specialty Nuts, Speed Nuts, Flat Washers, Lock Washers, Cotter Pins, Jack Nuts and More!

Nylon Retainers

Christmas Tree Type Retainers, Push Type Retainers and Screw Type Retainers.

Hole Plugs

Depressed Center Hole Plugs, flush Type Hole Plugs, Locking Hole Plugs, Black and White.

Moulding Clips


Automotive Shop Tools and Supplies

Beaver Stripes offers all kinds of shop tools and supplies. From Razor Blades, to Drill Bits, Conditioning Discs, Zirconia Surface Removal Discs. Nutserts, Automotive Attachment Tape, and More!

Automotive Hose and Clamps

Automotive Hoses, including Heater Hose, Fuel Line, Vacuum Tubing. Along with the clamps needed to finish the job.

Automotive Electrical Supplies

Miniature Bulbs, Vinyl Wire Terminals, Nylon Wire Terminals, Tee Taps, Scotch Locks, Fuses, Cable Ties and Loom Routing

Headlight and Grille Fasteners

Radiator Grille Nuts, Grille Retainers, Headlight Adjusting Screws, Headlight Retainers, Grill Clips and More!

Hood Insulation Retainers

Hood Insulation Retainers for most models, Chrysler, Ford, Chevy, GMC, Acura, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan and Toyota.

Automotive Rivets

All aluminum,  Aluminum/Steel, All steel, Nylon and Nylon Capped Rivets.

Oil Drain Hardware

Vacuum Line Connectors